Apps Trend & Design 2018

As part of my labour in LAE International Education as Designer, everyday I need to know «what’s happening now in the world of design». The submission of the present document has been realized in order to give a simple idea of what we need to do in our applications in fact of design and trends for this year 2018.


Although Flat design was a trend promoted in 2016, today this style of design is remain as relevant as ever. Gone back are the volumes and raster effects that make the functional a limitation to achieve the success of an app. The use of degraded colors and geometric shapes to break the user’s reading are integrated into this trend.

The panoramic view became part of the composition in the combined photography with gradients that highlight important areas of the image and leave other not so important as space to organize texts and vignettes.

In 2018 given the great advance in technology of screens, tablets and mobiles. The brightness is a determinant of the decisions that are taken in design. With this I mean that the colors to use in our designs should be in some way friendly with the eyes of the users (see apart from Color and Background), help to highlight the content of what we are communicating and be in accordance with the temperature of the colors.

At the corporate level, the style should be integrated in an integral way to the new trends without ruining its essence, there is a corporate identity manual for each brand but let’s say that nowadays you can go beyond the limits of looking for family relationships of every aspect that makes up a mark.


In an app design there should always be the technical and creative component of color, without this programmers and designers would go in different directions at the time of creating the app and we would have extra work to do, once the application is compiled. To make an implementation of the color in an app there is no need to overthink the matter where the key can be found in a corporate identity manual to give us an idea of what are the tones we will use to make our design. Although sometimes we need some colors to complement our designs everything is valid as long as there is a harmony in the balance of color and background.

Hanerth Hernandez Vivas
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