Meet your nightmare Special Sponsorship Program

We´re looking for a new partners to grow up in this journey road to the Regional playoffs of League of Legend. Actually we participate in regionals events here you can see our record score, our team is looking for sponsorship to grow professionally. Some mouses and keyboards can be of great help to us, in this way the sponsorship of a gaming product company is what we are looking for. meet the roster of the team:

TOP: RN Shady
JG : BlAkStEx
Mid: RN Ricky
ADC: KillerLoda
Sup: SG Bloody Knight
Rotate: kilisimo

in this way in partnership with Hanerth Hernandez (Tier1GG CEO), and UX-Xpert. We´re working in a new project to generate media content for youtube and Facebook, in relation to visualize the team, the sponsors, and the events we´re participate locally and global as possible. We need your help to keep growing!

Please contact to Hanerth Hernandez via email for more details:

Closed Call – Thanks to all for your support

Hanerth Hernandez Vivas
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