#UXDESIGN Behind the human instinct

What i do

UX Research

Gathering qualitative and quiantitative data to understand end users, their needs, desires and frustrations.

Interaction Design

Ideating and testing many possible solutions that aim to solve business and end users needs. Validating solutions in the form of user testing.

Visual Design

Creating and maintaining a visual design language for the product which communicates core brand values.

My statement

I aim to create innovating productions that serves your goals, from brands, apps, photography and Social media strategy. Working to create ideas that the people talks about.

I créate focus on results-oriented, and open to optimization.

The projects i build and the experiences i create live at the intersection of innovation and creativity, and are positioned to matter local customs, values and beliefs.

Let´s build creative & meaningful things together. hello@ux-xpert.com